Princess Tutu

Created by

Ikuko Itoh

Redrawn by

Mizuo Shinomone


Ballet, Comedy, Romance, Drama


ADV Films; NHK, Kids station

Number Of Episodes

26: Ran to August 2002 - May 2003

Number Of Volumes

2: Ran in 2003

It's a magical anime based on a thirteen year old named Ahiru that transforms into Princess Tutu in order to restore the Prince's heart. The characters are from The Prince and The Raven ( A story invented in the anime) which was written by Drosselmeyer, but it was never completed since Drosselmeyer died before he could finish it, leaving an unended ending. Fakir the knight, who is later to be revealed as one of Drosselmeyer's descendant, tries to change his fate. (Normally he would die in the book). Rue the princess is also an evil, raven, princess. Meanwhile Mytho, the prince, wants his heart back. This anime is based (some parts) on the Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky:

  • Rue is both the black and white swans.
  • Mytho, the prince turns out to be Siegfried ( The prince in Swan Lake)

However the story took Drosselmeyer from The Nutcracker, another ballet by Tchaikovsky.

Difference between the Anime and MangaEdit

The anime has more details. In the manga, it is not Drosselmeyer who controls the whole story, but Edel-san, changing her personality. In the anime, Ahiru changes back into a


duck and goes with Fakir, although it's a bit unclear. As for the manga, Ahiru stays human, but Mytho is quite unclear of his feelings and never chooses his princess, while in the anime Mytho chooses Rue.


  • Fakiru = Fakir + Ahiru.
  • Fakirue or Fakrue = Fakir + Rue.
  • Ruetho = Mytho + Rue.
  • Ahirue = Ahiru + Rue.
  • Fakir + Mytho do not have a name for their pairing.

Ballerina VocabularyEdit

Pas De Deux - French word, it's a dance with two people.

Pointe Shoes - Specialized ballet shoes.

Prima Ballerina - Leading female ballet in a performance .

Prima Donna - Italian, means first lady. Refers to a leading woman in an opera house or a woman that is irritable, egotistical, with a high opinion of themselves that is not shared by other people.