Mytho aka Siegfried




160 cm (5'3")


45 Kg



Voiced by:

Jay Hickman (English), Naoki Katou (Japanese)




Mytho is the prince of the story. He's a brave, selfless person who once shattered his heart to seal away the raven. He's the hero of the story The Prince and the Hero. He depends a great deal on Fakir because he has no feelings. He listens and respects him very much. He loves Princess Tutu very much, but his main love is Rue (or Kraehe). As Princess Tutu gives him back his emotions, he starts to be afraid to get his heart back, no knowing what he will feel next. However he still wants them back, after feeling happiness for the very first time. He starts to disobey Fakir as he gets his feelings back. Mytho changes because his love feeling is soaked into the raven's blood, this was done by Kraehe. As the blood starts to consume him, he starts trying to steal young girl's heart to give them to the raven. He starts being mean and rude to Kraehe, but also to Princess Tutu and Fakir. However, he manages to overcome it with Kraehe's love and her sacrifice. When his last piece of heart is returned to him, he goes to rescue her and makes her princess. In the end, we learn that his name is actually Siegfried from the Swan Lake.

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Rue and Mytho



Rue and Mytho kiss

Rue/ Kraehe

He loves her deeply, and would do anything for her. At the end he rescues her with Fakir's and Ahiru's help and he makes her princess. They kiss and go away, finally having their happy ending.

Princess TutuEdit

He deeply loves Princess Tutu, and feels differently with Ahiru, since he doesn't know till the very end who Princess Tutu really is.


He thinks of Fakir like a brother, as his closest friend. He trusts him a lot, and in the beginning , he is relying on Fakir a lot, because he doesn't have any feelings yet. The more Princess Tutu gives his heart back, the more Mytho starts no to obey to Fakir anymore. However their friendship lasts until the end.