150 cm (4'11")


39 kg

Voiced by

Luci Christan ( English), Nanae Katou ( Japanese)



Ahiru as Princess Tutu


Ahiru as normal, human girl

Ahiru or Duck in English is originally a small yellow duck. She's the main protagonist of the story. With the help of the pendant given to her by Drosselmeyer, she can stays a human girl, and she can change into Princess Tutu. Ahiru is an energetic, clumsy, and naive girl that loves to dance ballet, but never comes in time for her classes. Although she loves ballet, she doesn't dance very well as Ahiru the girl, but when she transforms into Princess tutu, she dances very well. She became human to see Mytho's smile and dance with him. As Princess Tutu, she is the person who is giving him back his heart. She loves Mytho very much, but if she confesses her love to him as Princess Tutu, she will vanish into light. She befriends Rue, and cannot believe her when she turns into Kraehe, believing that Rue is still there. She also starts a friendship with Fakir, the knight. In the end of the story she is very happy to see Rue and Mytho having their happy ending, and by then has a very strong bond with Fakir.Her blood type is O.




Princess Tutu and Mytho dancing

She loves him deeply, and she really wants to see him smile. She turns into Princess Tutu to see his smile again and dance a pas de deux together.



She first hates him and finds him a threat for Mytho. However when he steals her pendant and she turns back into a duck, she sees his true side. Their friendship grows into love, and Ahiru stays with Fakir at the end, as a duck.


She really likes Rue, and believes that she's the princess that goes with Mytho perfectly. She believes that Rue is always there, even after what Kraehe did.


She really likes Edel-san, and sees her as a true friend. Even after Edel-san tells Ahiru that she's just a puppet, Ahiru still hugs her. She cries a lot when Edel-san dies.

Because she always comes late to class, Neko- sensei keeps asking her for marriage.

Ahiru and fakir

Ahiru duck and Fakir

Her two best friend are Pike and Lillie.

She first finds Uzura a bit annoying, but she really like Uzura because she comes from the same wood as Edel-san.